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HHA is one of the initial 39 agencies chosen to participation in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving to Work (MTW) program demonstration. The MTW program grants HHA regulatory flexibility to develop and implement innovative locally tailored approaches to housing solutions.

HHA’s Statutory Objectives and Long-Term Goals:

  • To reduce cost and achieve greater effectiveness in administering federally funded housing assistance programs,
  • To provide incentives to families with children to obtain employment and become economically self-sufficient;
  • To increase quality housing choices for eligible low-to-moderate-income families,
  • Support sustainable development and community-wide neighborhood revitalization efforts

HHA will continue to explore opportunities to make each federal dollar go further, as well as continue to analyze and work collaboratively to address local areas of need. As part of our efforts under the MTW program, HHA has developed partnerships with several organizations to providing housing assistance to particularly vulnerable populations: the Department of Children and Families (Holyoke Area Office), Holyoke Public Schools, Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, Holyoke Community College, Alianza, The Care Center and the Hampden County Continuum of Care (CoC).

Archived documents

 HHA FY 2018 MTW Annual Plan (1.98 MB)

Holyoke FY 2019 MTW Annual Plan (1.36 MB)

 HHA FY2020 MTW Annual Plan Approved (1.99 MB)

 APPROVED Holyoke FY 2021 MTW Annual Plan (1.46 MB)

 Holyoke FY 2022 APPROVED MTW Annual Plan (1.25 MB)

 Holyoke FY 2023 MTW Annual Plan 09 06 2022 (633 KB)

Holyoke MTW Report FY2023

Holyoke FY 2024 MTW Annual Plan