Changes in Utility Allowances

The Holyoke Housing Authority currently provides a monthly utility allowance to eligible families for participant -paid utilities based on unit type and fuel type. HHA will be adopting a streamlined Utility Allowance (UA) model effective October 1, 2018 that will eliminate all utility allowances except for heat and other electricity for both MTW tenant-based and project-based program households. The streamlined UA model establishes one UA table for heat and another UA table for other electricity. The streamlined UA is independent of fuel type or building type.

HHA will continue to select the UA for the smaller of the unit size or voucher size.

These implemented flat utility allowances, will eliminate fluctuation in the contract rent amounts for program participants. The utility allowances will now be based on bedroom size only. For households currently receiving reasonable accommodations for heat and/or electricity, HHA will apply the higher of the table UA or previously approved reasonable accommodation UA. HHA will continue to determine reasonable accommodations for utilities on a case by case basis.

Due to the fact that some of you may experience an increase in rent the HHA will not be implementing this program for 180 days. Therefore in the next 30 days you will receive your newly calculated rent change notice, which will be effective October 1, 2018


For more detailed information please view the document below:

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Changes in Utility Allowances for HCV Program Effective October 1, 2018