Scholarship opportunities available to graduating high school seniors or students currently attending college who reside in Holyoke Housing Authority’s Public Housing or Section 8 programs.

Questions regarding this or any other scholarship opportunity should be directed to Justine Sabbs, Director of Resident Empowerment & Community Programming at 413-539-2229 or .

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The Holyoke Housing Authority's special voucher program to assist students at Holyoke Community College (HCC) is on display in this article about the difficulties of finding housing. We are always looking for ways, through our MTW flexibility which allows us to try new strategies to make housing more attainable for those who need it most. We wish Amanda the best of luck in her studies at HCC! 

Read the article here. Photo credit Karen Brown

26 Homeowner

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Participant Purchases Home!

Chanel Gamble has been a voucher participant with HHA since 2009 and decided to join the FSS program in 2015, shortly after giving birth to her son, Makai.  Although being a single parent was never easy for her, she never waivered: she stayed on track with her goals and held herself accountable. Chanel gradually increased her income throughout her time in the program and upon graduation received an escrow check close to $10,000 and utilized her voucher to purchase her own home. We are so proud of Chanel and wish her happiness in this home for many years to come!

Chanel wished to share a brief testimonial of her time in the program: 

"My name is Chanel, I am a participant with Holyoke Housing Authority and a graduate of the FSS Program! I started this process back in 2015 and I set several goals for myself.  I am a single mother of 1 son and I challenged myself to difficult goals which were paying off all debt and buying a home.  Vivian was the support that I needed to keep going and to stay focused and motivated. When the pandemic hit, I lost focus and had to deal with life changes.  I picked myself back up and went hard this past year and finally got pre-approved. Throughout the ups and downs I never gave up and the staff was there to support me.  December 15, 2022, I made my dream come true. Thank you Holyoke Housing Authority and the FSS Program for helping me make my dreams come true becoming a first time homebuyer."