Family Self Sufficiency

 The Holyoke Housing Authority has as strong commitment to providing its residents with intensive and individualized services designed to provide maximum workforce preparedness, increased earning capacity and permanent independence from public assistance.   Towards this end, the Authority has established its Resident Services Department which is dedicated to the achievement of these goals,expanding upon its Family Self Sufficiency Program Plan approved by HUD in 1995.   The Holyoke Housing Authority's Family Self Sufficiency programs are available to all residents in federal programs. Whether the resident lives in Federal Public Housing or is a holder of a Housing Choice Voucher there is a program and a case manager for any interested participant.   The Authority recognizes that the success of its Self Sufficiency programming depends on the degree to which the services that it offers match the actual needs of the people it is serving.   In addition to receiving assistance in arranging services and becoming less dependent upon public assistance, there is also a financial incentive for Federal PHA and Housing Choice Voucher holders. The goal of the FSS program is for the participant to earn enough money to support their family without public assistance. As the participant earns more money and their rent increases, the Authority will place the increase in the rent amount in a bank account. At the end of the five-year contract, if the participant successfully completes the program, they will receive the money being held in their escrow account.