Family Self Sufficiency FSS

What is the FSS Program?

FSS is a voluntary program for families who reside in Public Housing or Section 8 (HCV) programs to assist families in becoming financially independent. The program features goal setting, mentoring, referrals to services, and financial incentives to empower families to become self-sufficient.

How does the program work?

The head of household will sign a 5-year contract and will be assigned a case manager. The case manager will assist you in setting goals such as obtaining employment, completing education, building or fixing credit, obtaining childcare, and learning the responsibilities or purchasing a home. Based on your needs, you will be provided with options for several different supportive services and resources available to you in the area.

What are my responsibilities in the program?

We ask that you abide by your lease, pay your rent on time, establish and maintain program goals and keep in contact with your case manager on a frequent basis.

What is an escrow account?

The Escrow Account is a savings account opened for you once your experience a rent increase due to employment income. Once your portion of the rent increases because of higher income, the HHA will pull that money directly from your rent payment and deposit into the account monthly. The monthly amount deposited will increase or decrease depending on your income. Once you have completed all of your goals, the money accumulated in the account will be available to you. Most participants use the money saved towards renting in the fair market or purchasing their own home.

What if I don’t want to be in the program anymore?

You can leave the program at any time you choose. Exiting the program will not affect your housing status and will not result in a termination of your subsidy.

If you are interested in the program, please reach out to our Resident Services Department today!

Laura Soderbaum
Public Housing FSS Case Manager
413-539-2220 ext. 218

Vivian Rodriguez
HCV FSS & Homeownership Case Manager
413-539-2220 ext. 219